Our Plans

Spurred by its success, Applixya™ set out to complete the landscape by creating a full suite of eSignature Solution to match different organization sizes and industries.

Plans for 2016 Include expanding our technology and solution into hosted-cloud offering and services, along with deeper iApproval & SignBox integrations with Solution Providers.

Our Core Values

  • Innovative

    Give a voice to your thoughts.
    Dream, create, innovate and push your ideas out to the world. Be the change you seek.

  • Diversified

    Diversity, in both people & approach. If things fail, that’s acceptable. When they work, rush and scale up bigger & faster.

  • Bold & Daring

    Yet Humble. Always think BIG and BIGGER and AIM high. Every Challenge is an opportunity to be unique. Constantly Improve.

  • Perseverant

    Be passionate, determined and diligent. Good work takes time. Make things happen, relentlessly, one step at at time.

Why Invest ?

Established stability and and proven concept has laid the foundation towards planning for growth and expansion; firmly believing in value and wealth creation upon achieving set strategic goals and the realization of our vision.

  • Expert Founders

    50+ collective years of experience and expertise in the field.
    A firm vision and a team with a strong tenacity to pursue it.

  • Solid & Stable

    In its Sixth year, and moving forward, Applixya™ has steadily scaled from concept to creation and has gained the trust of prestigious regional customers in several industries.

  • Steady growth

    With new strategies and plans, we march into 2016 feeling much more confident of realizing our dreams and visions.

  • Grow Plans

    Solid and stable, 2016-2017 were set as the years of SCALE and GROW; creating value and wealth for founders, co-founders and strategic investors alike.

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