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Unleashing their imaginations into the creation of their own fantasy Apps.

Every once in a while, our engineers gather in brainstorming sessions, putting up ideas for new Apps, experiments, tools, or algorithms. The outcome of these exercises are amazing!.


They collectively choose one of the ideas and hack their way into its creation. Some of these hacks see the light into some of our products or projects, and some may even find their way to the AppStore. I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be making some of these internal projects publicly available here – in a special section of our blog – LAB.

Browse the creation of our employees fantasies, their own hacks and experiments.

To start off the activity, here’s a view of one of those creations ( Un-published yet ).

Leveraging their extensive and deep knowledge of PDF, our our engineers took on the challenge of simplifying the process of creating visually compelling and attractive Resumés.







Care to know more about the application or have an idea to add? Get in touch with us soon !.

Waleed Mashaqbeh

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