industries that we serve

An App to match all levels of executives, organization sizes and industries;
Enterprise-level security, protection and privacy crafted in an intuitively simplistic design to match and appeal to all kinds of executives in all industries.

  • Individual

    Using your touchID and from the convenience of your own apps or cloud storage space, use SignBox to sign documents and share them back to any destination.

  • Enterprise

    Drive Signature and approval workflows conveniently from either the comfort of your in-house systems or simply by using one of our stand-alone apps.

  • Real Estate

    Conveniently and securely capture eSignatures on contracts from your clients by leveraging any of our stand-alone Apps or integration options.

  • Government

    Integrate iApproval or SignBox into your own correspondence or document management system to drive Signature and approval Workflows while on the go.

Professional services and custom

Be it medical records, or insurance records any other records management, integrate iApproval or SignBox right into your system leveraging any of our integration options and publish a co-branded version specifically for your organization or system.

  • Insurance

    Be it driving claim approvals forward while on the go, or acquiring your client signature on settlement papers, we can provide several alternatives to satisfy your need.

  • Medical

    Sign discharge forms or acquire physician approval all from the comfort of a smart device. Integrate iApproval or SignBox right into your records system.

  • Legal & Security

    Add secure and non-repuduated eSignatures and Approvals for different orders issued from your system as well as archive digitally signed versions for compliance.

  • Other

    Do you have any specific eSignature application or system that your would like to partner with us to develop or integrate with?

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